Secretary / Administrative Assistant

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  • Athens, Greece

Secretary / Administrative Assistant

Job description

At DDB, one of the market’s leading Advertising Groups with 60+2 years of presence, we are looking for a  bright, nice and talented Secretary  / Administrative Assistant that will be part of the future success of the company by helping us run efficiently the office of the President of our Group and help with everyday work with quality and precision. 

The role will report to the President of the Group.

What’s your day-to-day like:

  • You  handle all incoming and outgoing communication 
  • You send notes, reminders and you make calls on behalf of your superior.
  • You handle all necessary documents to be signed
  • You file and classify securely all documents  by the end of each day, either physically or electronically. We run a clean desk policy.
  • You constantly review archived documents and you have in control from where and how to retrieve documents.
  • You arrange meetings either in person or via telephone or via video conference
  • You remind your superior of  business and personal meetings, appointments, calls etc.
  • You make presentations look good by enhancing them.
  • You follow up projects with project management tools.
  • You interact with executives and employees at all levels of the organization
  • You delegate minor tasks to other employees, you control the process and report back to your superior.

Job requirements

About You:
If you are somebody that just moves papers to the next desk, you are not who we are looking for.

  • You are the public image of the President; you are courteous and polite in a discreet and efficient manner. You are elegant, pleasant  in your communication, and never, never, never, arrogant.
  • You are curious, you want to learn, you are not afraid to explore new ways of getting your work done. You ask, you look for answers.
  • You are self motivated. You constantly keep on trying to develop yourself, your skills and your work . You keep busy by trying to learn and by helping your colleagues.
  • You have a good knowledge of software packages. Terms like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Slack, Asana, SharePoint, VPN, ISO are not just words : they must mean something for you.
  • You speak and write excellent Greek. You don't make grammar or spelling mistakes. You don't rely on auto correction for what you write. You value style in writing. 
  • You hold a University degree (no matter in what field of study).
  • You are fluent in English and preferably also in German and/or French.
  • You are obsessed with detail and perfection.
  • You are discreet. You do not gossip.
  • You get things done.
  • You don't feel insulted if under pressure you don't hear the word "please".
  • You smile. You never give up.